Strength in Construction

It takes a company with strength in construction to be able to plan, design and build retaining walls, patios that will withstand ground shifts and hard scapes in Central Texas.

Our craftsmen have over 20 years experience in installations and all our retaining walls over four feet are engineer certified.

Lawns Ltd is certified by the NCMA  as Segmented Retaining Wall Installers.

We take pride in our work and build projects that stand the test of Central Texas soils.

Soil Erosion in Central Texas

Greater Waco has Blackland Prairie Soils:  Blackland soils are known as “cracking clays” because of the large, deep cracks that form in dry weather. This high shrink-swell property can cause serious damage to foundations, highways, and other structures and is a safety hazard in pits and trenches. Water erosion, cotton root rot, soil tilth, and brush control are the major management problems. It takes a company with strength in construction to tackle projects in this soil.

Here is an example of what can happen to a backyard due to water erosion: The photo on the left is what is left of a backyard in Woodway, TX. The photo on the right shows the area experiencing a rain event during the construction of the retaining wall. (Our client’s backyard was washed away in a 2015 flood.)

strength-in-construction | LAWNS LTD

The photos below show our certified wall installers at work. (The foreman loves his new mini excavator from Caterpillar in Waco).

strength-in-construction | LAWNS LTD

Here are a few of the engineered-certified retaining walls over four feet we have built in 2017:

strength-in-construction | LAWNS LTD

strength-in-construction | LAWNS LTD

Here is an example of a paver patio we constructed for a Special Event Center. Notice the creative use of color to divide the patio into sections and create a pathway. 

strength-in-construction | LAWNS LTD

The photo below shows a community gathering focal point in The Cloisters of Cameron Park common area.

strength-in-construction | LAWNS LTD

After we complete the construction project we are able to design, install grass areas and landscaping; that’s what happens when you use Lawns Ltd!

If you need a retaining wall to stop erosion, or a paver patio to withstand shifting soil or a stunning hard scape built to last, call the company with strength in construction: Lawns Ltd at 254-752-8122 or email us

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