Choosing a Lawn Maintenance Company

Choosing a Lawn Maintenance Company

Whether you are a homeowner or manage a commercial property the same issues apply when choosing a lawn maintenance company.  The first thing you should know is not all lawn or grounds care companies are the same. Lawn maintenance programs offered by companies will vary in several ways:

Does cost equate with quality?

In a competitive market, prices for similar lawn care programs may differ only slightly.  Often, a company that appears more expensive may offer more services as “standard.” These same services may be optional with less expensive companies, and in the long range end up costing you more for what you actually need on a monthly basis.  Don’t buy into claims that seem “too good to be true” because they probably are! Also avoid companies that do not furnish a contract detailing their services and your obligations as a customer.

Standard vs. optional services

Standard services generally include mowing, trimming and clean-up. Fertilization is a standard part of any lawn care program. But find out specifically, what is offered and how often. Some companies offer weed and insect control, but generally that is an optional service. If you are interested in organic rather than chemical products, make sure you state that up front. Some companies will offer no insect control at all while others may provide it only as an extra-cost option. Disease control is generally not offered in a standard lawn care program but is offered as an optional service by most lawn care companies.

Some lawn care services provide up to 8 applications of fertilizer or pesticides per season. That’s excessive and more than likely expensive or even unnecessary. The devil is in the details, a little knowledge of a simple lawn care program will go a long way towards not being taken advantage of.


Don’t be afraid to ask for references – but understand that the company will always give you names of happy customers, and this might not tell the whole story. Like any other service or item where a significant amount of money is spent, it is important to do a bit of research. Look for on-line reviews, ask neighbors, and ask the company themselves – asking the right questions will demonstrate some knowledge and help you get the most for your money.

Find out the strengths and weaknesses of the lawn maintenance company:

How long have they been in business? Longevity shows a commitment to quality and customer service.

 Are they flexible? Can they tailor a program specifically to meet your needs and the level of services you desire?

Are they responsive?  How quickly will a technical representative inspect a potential lawn problem? How soon can remedial steps be taken?

Are they dependable? Do they show up when they scheduled or will you have to call and prod them?

Are they proactive? If they see a potential issue, will they recommend a course of action to eliminate the concern before it becomes a problem?

What is their expertise Level? Do the employees of the lawn maintenance company have credentials in their field of expertise? Do they attend on-going training sessions? Does the company keep up with latest trends and equipment needed to do the best job on your particular turf? Do they attend industry shows and have the want-to to become the best in their field? If you need more than lawn care, such as irrigation, landscaping, tree trimming, seasonal flower planting, hardscapes, are they equipped to provide these services for you?

Do they provide a written contract? Regardless of what type of work you are considering having done, it is important to establish clear lines of communication with the firm. Know what services are included in your contract price and those services that may be extra. Also, what are company policies regarding unsatisfactory jobs?

Is the company bonded and insured? In other words, are you protected against theft or damage to your property? 

Just so you know: Lawns Ltd. provides the following forms for potential customers to fill out so that we are well-informed of your needs.  Click below to download. They are also included as a courtesy on our website. Call us for a FREE LAWNS MAINTENANCE CONSULTATION 254-752-8122

Residential Lawn Maintenance Questionnaire

Commercial Grounds Maintenance Questionnaire

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