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Residential: Tending to your  lawn care is our labor of love


Lawn  Care – After working hard to make every detail perfect, we love nothing more than keeping them that way. Even if we did not do the design, we work like we did. Lawns Ltd. services include lawn care,  plantings, trees, lighting, irrigation, water features and mosquito systems. Our goal: When our clients come home there is nothing out of place, their lawns are perfect, and they are free to relax and enjoy family, friends and pets. 


Lawn Maintenance lawn care - LAWNS LTD



“Ronnie Lenamon built our home and contracted Lawns Ltd. to design our fabulous outdoor space. We could not have been more pleased – with the creative landscape design and with the lawn maintenance all these many years later.” – John and Pat Schoen




Lawn Maintenance - lawn care LAWNS LTD


If you have a beautiful lawn you want to enjoy it and not worry about how to keep it that way. Like magic, we appear at our appointed time. Mindful of your pets, we mow, trim, remove leaves and debris and we’re off.


We care deeply about the safety of your pets during lawn care. We work with you to make sure your pets are either inside or in a gated, safe environment.

lawn maintenance lawn care - LAWNS LTD
“Lawns Ltd is like part of our family.  A good example of this is when we lost our 12 1/2 year-old lab – the crew noticed right away Hurricane wasn’t in the yard and they were really sad along with me. Lawns Ltd has the best customer service! They stay on top of anything we ask and even things we don’t. We are always pleased with our yard and beds!” – Tiffany Fatheree



Lawn Maintenance - lawn care-LAWNS LTD


Incredibly freeing, you can choose how much you want us to do on a systematic contract or add each season by chatting with your account manager about seasonal color, mulch, or even rye grass for a little green in the winter months.

“I draw a blank when it comes to landscaping. Lawns Ltd. has helped me redefine sections of my yard and created beautiful low-maintenance areas that have saved me time and money on water bills.” – Cheryl Lenamon



Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Commercial lawn care is more than a necessary function.


lawn maintenance lawn care - Waco TX

A well-maintained lawn enhances your brand, increases employee pride and provides environmental stewardship.




Lawn Maintenance - lawn care- LAWNS LTD


Our lawn care  service can be seen not only in the manicured lawns of office buildings but at hospitals, hotels, and restaurants in Central Texas. Commercial businesses rely on us to keep their grounds well groomed within a budget. Our Account Managers provide a lawn care budget which includes lawn maintenance, water management, plant selection, frequency recommendations, and sometimes plain ole’ common sense.


Lawn Maintenance -lawn care- LAWNS LTD


“I knew you guys were going to be good as soon as we talked but what I saw today was just straight-up awesome.  Just wanted to say thanks and I am happy I am doing business with you.” – Jeff Jones Altex Electronics


lawn maintenance - lawn care-LAWNS LTD


In addition to what you expect in a lawn care program, we suggest improvements and provide quotes to allow you to budget for these improvements. Items such as seasonal color, tree work, killing mosquitoes, and Christmas lights may be an option some years, while not in others.


Lawn Maintenance - LAWNS LTD


“I have been very happy with the lawn care maintenance that your crews have provided to our commercial property. I look forward to the fall when new plants will be blooming and we can display our best look to our customers. Thanks for all your help. It has been a real pleasure working with your company.” – Pam Jeffrey, Central Transportation Systems


Lawn Maintenance - LAWNS LTD


“Our dealership has used Lawns Ltd for over ten years. The staff is careful when mowing around our vehicles and billing is efficient. They also recommend various services when we need them, but don’t try to sell us things we don’t need. We are happy to have a reliable partner that is easy and professional to deal with like Lawns Ltd.” – Claire Kultgen McDonald, Byrd-Kultgen Ford


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Lawn Maintenance - LAWNS LTD


The Process

To provide a FREE CONSULTATION that saves time and offers the greatest benefit to you, we suggest:

Download and Fill out your Commercial Maintenance Needs.

Download and Fill out your Lawn Maintenance Needs. 

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