Landscape Design for Residential and Commercial

landscape-design-lawns-ltd.Landscape design is a creative yet practical process. We start the process by listening to your needs, and then we ask you to work through our “Wish List.” This process helps you think through what is possible in your space. We then create a plan based on your needs or lifestyle. But before a shovel ever hits the ground, we work through each element on paper until you are not just satisfied, but awestruck.







Planning Your Landscape Design

Landscape design Lawns Ltd.Your landscape design will provide new ways of looking at unique opportunities on your property. Elements of the design such as pathways, water features, fire pits or even hammocks can be part of the immediate scope of work or scheduled within a multi-tiered budget plan. Our goal is for you to be amazed, and for us to go beyond the expected.





Our thoughtful designs fit our clients’ needs and lifestyles, from elegant to contemporary, and from high maintenance to low maintenance.




Landscape-makeover-LAWNS LTD


Many of our clients are opting for “less grass is more” – less time spent in the yard, less money spent on water bills and more time to enjoy their family and leisure.









“For nearly 20 years Lawns Ltd. has cared for our yard with courtesy, reliability and professionalism. I love my yard and I love Lawns Ltd.” – Susan Duncan






“We wanted a landscape design that was unique, easy maintenance and enhanced our new home; Lawns Ltd. gave us that and even more than we could have imagined. They are super creative and easy to work with. Kudos!” – Greg and Vanessa Bozonelos















Our creations have won accolades and the hearts and appreciation of busy families as well as business moguls.


Hardscape projects range from designing and installing simple stone walls and pavers to the shoring up of an unstable hillside. Lawns Ltd. creates spectacular environments where friends meet and fun happens. Architectural specifications are drawn to allow for long lasting functionality, coupled with artistic interpretation. The planting plan will compliment this part of the design to allow you to “use” your space as well as enjoy looking at it.

 Landscape design Lawns Ltd.         Landscape design Lawns Ltd.


Our systems are designed specifically for each property by one of our licensed irrigators utilizing “water sense” methodology. When remodeling an existing system, we recommend a water audit to analyze the most efficient placement and time settings for water heads. Our goal is always to save our clients time, energy and money.

Irrigation Lawns Ltd.        Irrigation Lawns Ltd.

Water and Fire Features

Wow and wonderful are what these items will add to your outdoor room. It is the mesmerizing combination of sound and gentle movement that invite you to spend more time outside. When the budget allows for these items, clients have found that these features create the favorite place to sit, relax, and entertain.

fire landscape feature                water landscape feature


Lighting your home or business to enhance walkways, steps, gardens, trees, and textural walls adds both safety and security. Lighting also extends the use of your outdoor space into the night hours. Would you like to see how your garden can shine in the light? Contact us and our staff will set up a demonstration for you to see just how gorgeous your gardens can look at night. With the vast improvements in LED fixtures this is a wonderful way to further enhance your investment, making this a “have to” instead of a “want to.” Warning: Many clients start with a few lights and keep adding, because this feature can be addicting!

landscape lighting   landscape lighting   landscape lighting



Holiday Lighting                    

Holiday Lighting    Holiday Lighting  

Lighting sets the mood for the holiday and has become too time consuming or dangerous for individuals to do themselves. Whether you need lights on a business or home, our more “limber” team members scale your roofs and wrap your trees so you can have more time during the busy holidays.

Holiday Lighting  Holiday Lighting

Tired of a standard string of lights outlining your home during the holidays? We have lots of creative ideas to make your home and garden a show piece for Christmas entertaining.


Holiday Lighting Let’s Get Your Project Started!

The Process

To provide a FREE CONSULTATION that saves time and offers the great benefit to you, we suggest:


                        Download and Fill Out the Lawns Ltd. Landscape Wish List
  • Have a plot of your property available
  • Know your budget for both primary and secondary plans
  • Clip photos of what you like and have available
  • We like meeting with all decision makers, so make sure spouses are available

Allow One Hour minimum – we need time to listen!

Call for a FREE CONSULTATION:  254-752-8122

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